Our “No Gap” offer is available to everyone who is covered by an Australian private health insurance for dental, regardless of which fund you are with.

“No Gap” means that if you have full benefits on your Health Insurance at the time of your dental treatment, and you are covered for your general and preventative dental treatment, we will not charge you the “Gap” amount. The “Gap” refers to the out of pocket expenses for the following preventative treatments that can be applied every 6 months : Comprehensive or Periodic Oral Examinations, Scale and Clean, Fluoride Application, Routine Intra-oral X-ray and Fissure Sealant (as required).

For all other treatments, if your health insurance does not cover your treatment costs, the patient will be responsible for the out of pocket expense.

Our “No Gap” Policy extends to patients who meet the following conditions on the day of treatment:

  • must be covered for dental procedures on the day of your preventative treatment
  • must have a current, valid health fund card with you on the day*
  • must have full benefits available for each preventative treatment item : full benefits refers to the full amount which your health fund will contribute towards your dental cover, and depending on your level of cover, may not mean 100% of the cost of the treatment
*Please note : health fund regulations stipulate that if you do not have your card with you on the day, you will need to pay the full cost and will not be eligible for the “No Gap” offer. Patients are advised to check their health fund benefits prior to attending appointments.
For further information please contact our team at Riverside No Gap Dental