* Free Whitening Consult and Tooth Mousse valued at $100

Teeth Whitening* Terms and Conditions for Teeth Whitening
  • To identify the type of staining present and the most effective treatment, a full check up and clean will be required to determine suitability of teeth whitening for you.
  • If your health fund benefits cover you, this check up and clean will be at No Gap to you.
  • Your Teeth Whitening Consultation will then be free and also covers your return consult to fit your custom made whitening model.
  • Patients must be aware that teeth whitening will not be effective if anterior teeth are restored, crowned or had RCT.
  • Patients who have active dental caries, periodontitis, severe gingival recession or sensitivity are not good candidates for teeth whitening.
  • Some intrinsic stains may be better treated with microabrasion or veneering.
  • Our teeth whitening is not offered to patients under 16 years of age and those aged 16-18 years require parental consent.