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Special Offers

Teeth Whitening for $299  

The Take Home Whitening System contains lower concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide which allows patients to stay in control of the shade of white they wish to achieve in the comfort of their own home. Our clinicians will take an impression of your teeth to produce a custom fit bleaching tray that fits perfectly to the shape of your teeth. This allows maximum contact to the bleaching agent to attain best results. Patients will notice whitening effects within two weeks of application.

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure and is recommended for patients with good oral health. Not all candidates are suitable so call for a free professional consult today!

Frequently asked questions

1. Why is my teeth turning yellow?

There are two reasons why our teeth can appear more ‘yellow’. It can be due to external factors, which can be caused by our diet, smoking or poor oral hygiene, which have resulted in staining our teeth. It can also be due to internal factors within the tooth structures such enamel or dentine defects, having high doses of antibiotics or fluoride as a young child. It is normal for your teeth to appear more ‘yellow’ over time. This is because the outermost layer of tooth structure that you can see is the enamel, which is actually translucent. The different shades of colour that we can see in our teeth is due to the underlying tooth structure called dentine, which can become more ‘yellow’ or darker over time.

2. There are so many teeth whitening products on the market, which product is best for me?  

There are a range of tooth whitening products available in the market, but it can be overwhelming on which one you should choose and which one is actually effective. It is important to be aware that some toothpastes which advertise to ‘remove stains’ can in fact do more damage to your tooth. This is because these certain toothpastes, contain abrasive particles in the toothpaste, which can remove staining, but also the enamel surface.

Teeth whitening products often contains Hydrogen Peroxide which causes the enamel structure to appear whiter. There are a few whitening toothpastes available in the supermarket which contain Hydrogen Peroxide, however at very low percentages which can take a very long time to have any whitening effects..

Children’s Free Dental

$1000 free dental for eligible children every two years under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).  Treatments included in the CDBS are basic dental treatments such as check-ups, x-rays, fissure sealing, fillings, root canals, extractions and partial dentures.

Other services, such as orthodontic treatment, cosmetic procedures and hospital services are not included. The total benefit entitlement is capped at $1000 per child over a two-year calendar period. The two-year cap period starts when a child or teenager first receives an eligible dental service.

Your eligibility needs to be determined prior to access of funding.

Am I Eligible for the CDBS?

Eligibility is determined each calendar year however funds are valid for two calendar years. To be eligible for the CDBS, your child must:

  • be aged 2 to 17 years receiving, for at least 1 day of the calendar year

  • be eligible for Medicare on the day of service

  • receive, or be part of a family certain Australian Government payments

Please call one of our friendly staff to check your eligibility today or fill out our online eligibility form below and we will contact you.

    Mouth Guard

    Special offer of No Gap payment or $90 for Children and $140 for Adults for patients with no dental cover.  

    Start protecting your teeth today with a custom made mouth guard!

    According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA), about one-third of traumatic injuries to teeth are sports-related. A custom-made mouth guard can protect your teeth by spreading the impact of any blow or knock to the mouth.

    At Riverside No Gap Dental our dentists recommends a mouth guard to be worn where there is a possibility of direct contact with the face. These includes sports such as football, soccer, netball or cricket. Even an accidental knock to the face or teeth with an elbow in a low contact sport can cause serious dental injury to your teeth or bone. Some injuries can cause lifetime dental expense and we want to help prevent this.

    Mouth guards made at Riverside No Gap Dental are custom-made and are of better quality than the shop bought products which are generally ill-fitting, bulky and hard to wear. Riverside No Gap Dental’s custom-made mouth guards are specially designed allowing you to bite, speak and breathe normally.

    How can I get a custom-made mouth guard?

    Our Dentists will take an impression of your teeth, jaw and soft tissue to fabricate your mouth guard to fit you personally.

    How often should I get a new mouth guard?

    Mouth guards for growing children should be checked regularly as baby teeth are lost, adult teeth erupt and jaw growth occurs. Ask your Dentist to check your child’s mouth guard at the “No Gap” 6 monthly check up.

    For adults, a well maintained mouth guard can last a long time. Our Dentists at Riverside No Gap Dental recommends mouth guards to be washed with cold water, kept in their original box and out of direct sunlight after every use. Routinely ask your dentist to check your mouth guard for defects or wear facets at your “No Gap” 6 monthly check up.

    Make an appointment today with one of our Dentists at Riverside No Gap Dental  for a custom made mouth guard.

    Terms and Conditions apply.

    Free Whitening Consult and Tooth Mousse valued at $100

    Terms and Conditions

    • To identify the type of staining present and the most effective treatment, a full check up and clean will be required to determine suitability of teeth whitening for you.

    • If your health fund benefits cover you, this check up and clean will be at No Gap to you.

    • Your Teeth Whitening Consultation will then be free and also covers your return consult to fit your custom made whitening model.

    • Patients must be aware that teeth whitening will not be effective if anterior teeth are restored, crowned or had RCT.

    • Patients who have active dental caries, periodontitis, severe gingival recession or sensitivity are not good candidates for teeth whitening.

    • Some intrinsic stains may be better treated with microabrasion or veneering.

    • Our teeth whitening is not offered to patients under 16 years of age and those aged 16-18 years require parental consent.