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Mouth Guards


Special offer of No Gap payment or $90 for Children and $140 for Adults for patients with no dental cover.  

Start protecting your teeth today with a custom made mouth guard!

According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA), about one-third of traumatic injuries to teeth are sports-related. A custom-made mouth guard can protect your teeth by spreading the impact of any blow or knock to the mouth.

At Riverside No Gap Dental our dentists recommends a mouth guard to be worn where there is a possibility of direct contact with the face. These includes sports such as football, soccer, netball or cricket. Even an accidental knock to the face or teeth with an elbow in a low contact sport can cause serious dental injury to your teeth or bone. Some injuries can cause lifetime dental expense and we want to help prevent this.

Mouth guards made at Riverside No Gap Dental are custom-made and are of better quality than the shop bought products which are generally ill-fitting, bulky and hard to wear. Riverside No Gap Dental’s custom-made mouth guards are specially designed allowing you to bite, speak and breathe normally.

How can I get a custom-made mouth guard?

Our Dentists will take an impression of your teeth, jaw and soft tissue to fabricate your mouth guard to fit you personally.

How often should I get a new mouth guard?

Mouth guards for growing children should be checked regularly as baby teeth are lost, adult teeth erupt and jaw growth occurs. Ask your Dentist to check your child’s mouth guard at the “No Gap” 6 monthly check up.

For adults, a well maintained mouth guard can last a long time. Our Dentists at Riverside No Gap Dental recommends mouth guards to be washed with cold water, kept in their original box and out of direct sunlight after every use.

Routinely ask your dentist to check your mouth guard for defects or wear facets at your “No Gap” 6 monthly check up.

Make an appointment today with one of our Dentists at Riverside No Gap Dental  for a custom made mouth guard.

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